Turn lamps on and off from anywhere with Savant lamp control.

• Adjust the brightness on a single lamp or all over the room so your lighting is always just the way you like it.
• Schedule scenes like "Wake Up" to slowly brighten your lights in the morning, or tap "Goodnight" to go dark with a simple touch.
• Your home is at its best when everything works together—combine lighting and entertainment to enhance your Savant experience.

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Direct your home from your favorite seat.

• The Savant Remote works with the devices you already own to deliver a one of a kind entertainment and automation experience.
• The Savant Remote gives you easy access to your favorite shows—and will even prioritize the channels you watch most.
• Individual profiles give everyone in the family their own personal remote, with everything they love a tap or voice command away.
• Add Lamp Control to set the mood for movie night—then capture the scene and recall it anytime.
• When it's time to turn everything off at the end of the evening, simply press the microphone button and wish yourself a "Goodnight."

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Extend the range of your Savant remote.

• Wireless blaster lets you reach cables boxes, receivers, and other devices outside the line of sight of your Savant Remote.
• Setup takes just minutes.

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