Design Services

Our design services range from CAD Design to Keypad Design.

CAD Design service is where we set the conduit schedule and the system design into CAD type format for building and electrical contractors. Turn key services include regular site visits for design management on site to ensure the plan is followed accurately, an all too often crucially missed step. Modern homes are in need of modern conduit layout and centralization over traditional layouts. This step, when done correctly can also mean that the property is fully prepared to handle all possible technology upgrades for the years to come.

Rack Designs can be created for bid package development or for theater showpieces where they are exposed to the room for design aesthetics or as part of our turn key design service. These professionally produced designs will guarantee that you are getting the right size rack for the equipment and space in question. There are many options to these systems and their designs including locks, thermal management, power conditioning and management, cable management systems, drawers, doors and servicing accessibility features just to name a few. Wire schematics are part of the turnkey services related to rack diagrams and are crucial to bid package development. This is essentially the road map of the proposed system. Getting a professional design will ensure your next project is finished to the highest of standards in the most uniform and cleanest way possible.

Lighting Design, if properly designed, lets a home or corporate space become more welcoming. Take advantage of key elements like scene controls to set multiple circuits into your predefined lighting levels with the press of a single button. Use ambient light harvesting to automate your lighting control and maintain set lighting levels automatically. With experience designing single room lighting such as corporate boardrooms to whole property systems for both residential and commercial real estate, our team of experts can guide you through the often complex aspects of lighting design.

Keypad Design is crucial to the beauty and aesthetics of a property along with the function of the system they are controlling. With lots of finishes to choose from and hundreds of keypad button configurations, this step can easily be confusing. We are here to help and can make basic suggestions for keypad layouts as needed. We also offer a full keypad design service which includes advanced programming and full keypad design and button engraving configuration. Even LED button lighting can all be arranged for you as part of our turnkey design options.