Never Leave A Light On

Turn lights off in empty rooms. Press the ALL OFF button as you leave the house.

Be Efficient

Choose the Best Fittings and Lamps. Dim levels down when setting scenes.

On Schedule

Lights on at sunset and off at dawn. A ‘Wake Up’ button and a button for ‘Evening’.


Log in to your system remotely from anywhere. Global Control.

Lighting Control

The correct lighting plan for your property comes very high on our list of priorities. Aside from the aesthetic values, a well thought out lighting plan can dramatically improve your quality of life at the same time as decreasing your electricity consumption. Working closely with architects and interior designers to make sure everyone has the same goal always produce the best results.

Consult - Design - Create

  • Discovery

    Meet, listen, discuss and access your needs and requirements.
  • System Design

    Detailed configuration reports are produced for final pricing & review.
  • Engineering

    Engineering plans the technical solutions to not only meet client needs, but also ensure reliability and ease of use.
  • Planning

    Extensive project drawings, wiring schematics and site schedules are created and issued
  • Installation

    We undertake all our work to the highest of standards. The best at: Wall-mounting, AV Racks, Lighting Systems and Networks.
  • Service & Support

    After sales support is the most important part of our project. We pride ourselves on providing the best support possible. Regular maintenance is paramount to keeping our systems running perfectly
  • Simplify your life.

    When our client is enjoying every aspect of their system, all engineering documentation is updated and presented with programming source code, to ensure that the investment made is protected and can be serviced with accuracy and diligence.